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Where to buy furniture on installment in Pakistan?
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Where to buy furniture on installment in Pakistan?

Do you Fancy Shopping for Furniture?

If you urge to buy modern and classy furniture, then look up other online stores no more. Here you can find the most versatile and thoughtfully crafted furniture that you would not find anywhere else and, what is better? You can shop furniture in installments for your convenience right away. 

An Introductory!

Are your home interiors starting to appear dull? Revamp the indoors in swoosh with brand new furniture from Interwood for interiors with vivacity. You can not only find home furniture but office furniture here as well.

Over time, we have added value to our furniture range by providing an unbeatable quality of furniture. Were you searching the browser for 'furniture on installment near me'? If so, then you made it to a trustable store based in Pakistan.

Shop! Shop! Shop! Straight from within your Home Boundaries

Interwood is providing the most reliable options in the town to you. Being 'affordable' is now at the core of our brand to provide service for the average-income community of Pakistan.

It is time to spare some time from your busy routine! Read below to get your head cleared about buying furniture from Interwood. First, let us see the context behind the BNPL strategy.

BNPL Strategy: The Buy Now Pay Later Strategy

Modern times. Modern ways. The typical shopping trend with cash is not the only way around now. One of the well-known strategies to shop is BNPL. 

BNPL is at the core of everything. Over the years, at the request of our valued customers, we have decided to ease things for them. Yes, you heard it. You can buy a sofa set, bed, dining table, or others in installments.

Peks of BNPL:

Buy Now Pay Later is skyrocketing and, the younger generations prefer it as a credible payment

method. The older generations are adopting it gradually. It is an effective strategy to pay for the furniture in fixed installments each month.   

Some Benefits of Buying Furniture on Easy Installments are Here for You!

Get easy with yourself by paying little by little for the furniture you adore by easy payment schemes from Interwood. Get yourself ready for 'series payments', as the benefits listed below are sure to get your attention. 

No Pence in the Wallet Fence?

Short on money? Maybe it is the end of the month when you decide to shop for new furniture. Wait, you do not need to skip your plans to buy the furniture of your choice. Here we are

providing you with the opportunity of getting the furniture of your choice with Interwood installment plans. Choose the installment plan of your choice and pay with ease later.

Highly Favorable for Emergency Buying

Life is uncertain. If there is a time you require to buy furniture on an emergency basis, then buying furniture in installments is a favorable choice. You can repay according to your convenience later. 

The Comfort of Fixed Payment

Fixed payments will make life easier for you. This methodology will align things as you have to pay the same specified amount for the furniture each month. This way, you can manage

all your expenses accordingly. This case is justified for salaried people. You can pay the same 'fixed' amount in installments each month.

An Overview to Installment Plans from Interwood

Let us keep it straight! Interwood provides two ways to finance yourself to buy the furniture of your choice. 

Consumer Ease Financing by Meezan Bank

The consumer finances methodology is suitable for those people who do not have a credit card. How to conduct this financing for yourself?

  1. Visit a nearby showroom and choose your favorite furniture.
  2. Next up, talk to the salesperson or the front desk representatives for guidance on the "Easy Financing" scheme. 
  3. Get the form from the staff at the showroom and get it filled.
  4. Leave for a nearby branch of Meezan Bank along with the required documents and get the financing limit for the furniture of your choice.
  5. Visit our Installment Plan Guidance page for additional information. 

Installments via Credit Cards

We have many banks in line to cooperate with you for payment on installment via credit cards. We have terms with Silk Bank, Faysal Bank, and Bank Alfalah for all the options. Are you interested in buying furniture in installments? Reach us out at our helpline if you get confused about deciding on a bank. 

What is on the Installment Plan for You!

 Here is what you can get in installments from this online store.

  • Beds on Installments
  • Sofas in Installments
  • Dining Table in Installments
  • Garden Furniture on Installments


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Guess what? Your feedback matters a lot. Tell us about what more you would like to hear from us.

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