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Interwood Easy Payments Makes Your Favourite Furniture More Affordable
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Interwood Easy Payments Makes Your Favourite Furniture More Affordable

Your home and office are two places where you spend the majority of your time so they should be exactly the way you want them to be. But furnishing such spaces comes with a cost and it’s not always possible to spend so much upfront when you’re working on a budget. Inevitably, you end up compromising: buying a little here and there or putting it off for a later time when you’ve got funds in hand. But instead of buying furniture little by little, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could pay little by little instead? With Interwood, that is now possible. It’s called Interwood Easy Payments and it is going to change the way you shop for furniture.


Details About Easy payment

Interwood Easy Payments makes your favourite furniture more affordable by allowing you to break up the high upfront costs into easy monthly instalments of 3,6, 12, 24 or 36 months. This not only includes standard office and home furniture such as beds, dining tables, sofas and desks but also bigger ticket items such as wardrobes, doors and even entire customized designer kitchens. To get an idea of how beneficial this facility is, imagine buying a wardrobe for less than Rs. 2,000 per month, or a bed set or dining table set for less than Rs. 5,000 per month, or an entire kitchen for less than Rs. 15,000 per month. With Interwood Easy Payments, it’s actually that affordable now.


Easy Payment Methods

To make paying even easier, Interwood Easy Payments offers three unique modes of payment depending on what suits you and your budget best. Interwood Committee, for example, allows you to pay for any furniture item (over Rs. 20,000) and break up payments over a 6, 9 or 12-month tenure without any initial deposit, processing fees or markup for an entire year. Once your payments are complete, your furniture will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge. For those who want their furniture upfront, on the other hand, Customer Ease Finance may be the mode for you. With this one-of-a-kind mode of payment, simply select your furniture, get your loan limit approved from our partner bank, and enjoy your delivery within 7 days while paying in (up to) 24 monthly instalments. That too, without any cancellation charges or hidden penalties.


Credit Card Support on Easy Payment

If you’re a fan of spending on credit cards, you can also enjoy paying in Credit Card instalments with Easy Payments. Just select your favourite furniture, pay with your Faysal Bank, UBL, Bank Alfalah or Silkbank credit card, and call your respective bank’s call centre to convert your purchase into monthly instalments at 0% markup for up to 6 months (Faysal Bank, UBL and Silk bank ) and 9 months (Bank Alfalah). You can also choose from an instalment plan tenure of 12 to 36 months at a low monthly interest rate. Alternatively, you can also select Interwood furniture items from your bank’s brochure, break up your credit card payment into 36 monthly instalments and enjoy free delivery to your doorstep! It’s really that easy.

So the next time you go furniture shopping and have your eye on something you want for your home or office, don’t let the price get in the way of your decision. Break it up with Interwood Easy Payments and shop to your heart’s content knowing that you can pay it off in easy monthly instalments of your choice! To learn more about which Interwood Easy Payment mode is right for you, visit or call 111-203-203 or visit any of the showrooms.

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