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Local Ingenuity. Global Standards.
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Local Ingenuity. Global Standards.

Since its inception in 1974, Interwood has relied on 100% local ingenuity, innovation and manufacturing to produce its trusted range of world-class furniture. As a complete home-grown company, we take pride in applying global practices, standards and knowledge to create all our products locally, passing the value on to our customers while helping to support our labor force, industries and economy.

At the heart of all our local innovation is our 600,000 square-foot manufacturing facility Lahore. In addition to housing over 300 of Europe’s most advanced machines, this facility is where global ideas, practices and standards are indigenized and applied to our local craftsmanship and manufacturing. Such innovation allows us to create world-class products and also achieve the consistency and high-quality that Interwood is known for today. Essentially, there is no furniture product – ready-made or customized - that we cannot create here entirely at home.

Relying on local innovation and manufacturing empowers us to consistently produce high volumes of high-quality home and office furniture, as well as customized furniture solutions for airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, retail fit outs, corporations and much more. All our furniture, whether it’s a single chair or hundreds of workstations, all follow our stringent quality-control and are designed to match the highest standards of furniture design.


Saving Cost through Local Manufacturing

By using local material, innovation and labor, we are able to significantly lower our manufacturing costs and pass on the value to our customers, while upholding the highest standards. This gives us a significant edge over imported players in terms of cost and quality.


Quicker Production & Delivery Times

By researching, designing and manufacturing all our products within Pakistan, we are also able to produce and deliver products significantly faster than imported options. Our network of showrooms spans across the country, allowing us to deliver throughout all major cities in far less time.


Supporting Our Industries & Economy

By using local materials and labor, we are playing a major role in providing opportunities for Pakistanis while supporting our local industries and overall economy. We are also a major tax contributor and fulfill all our financial obligations as a responsible organization, ensuring that our Nation benefits from our local operations.


Applying Local Insight

Unlike international furniture brands, we use local insight and understanding to create and design products that suit the needs of local customers. This ensures that we meet the trends that suit our local taste and tradition, while offering a taste of contemporary design in all our products.


Long-Term After Sales Support

Arguably the biggest advantage of being a local company is being able to provide long-term after sales support to each and every one of our customers well after purchase. As we are based in Pakistan, we are always available to assist customers in maintaining their furniture even years after purchase to ensure that they receive long-lasting value every time they buy from us.

So always remember: every time you purchase Interwood furniture, you are getting the best of what Pakistan has to offer – in terms of value, quality and long-term after sales support. We invite you to visit our network of showrooms or even shop online and experience our renowned range of locally-produced furniture and see how we are able to deliver the highest-quality products by making everything here at home, where it matters most.

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