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Pakistan’s Best Ergonomic Office Chairs - Designed by The Experts
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Pakistan’s Best Ergonomic Office Chairs - Designed by The Experts

Ergonomic Office Chairs by Interwood


Working from home or at the office usually means sitting for long hours at a desk with limited movement. This not only leaves us feeling fatigued but can also lead to health-related issues and erode productivity at the workplace. That’s why the right office chair provides so much more than comfort; it helps maintain proper posture and blood circulation while keeping everything in reach, ensuring that you remain refreshed, relaxed and attentive for long hours.


State-of-the-art Ergonomic Features in Interwood Office Chairs


The ideal office chair adapts to your body shape and size while providing the correct height and seating position throughout the day. It should also provide the option to adjust your position easily in case you need to change your posture while working. Here are some of the features that make Interwood’s office chairs truly ergonomic:


Gas Lift Adjustors

The optimal office chair height is different for everyone but there is an ideal sitting position that you should aim for while working. Firstly, your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Depending on your height, the ideal seat height should be approximately 19-21 inches off the floor. Gas lift adjustors are the easiest way to adjust the seat to your height and reduce any unwanted strain on your legs. With a simple pull of the gas lift lever (located under the seat), the chair uses pneumatic pressure to increase or decrease the height of the seat with ease. Once it is at your ideal height, simply release the lift adjustor lever to lock the seat in place.


Built-in Lumbar & Neck Support

Sitting improperly can lead to poor posture and chronic back pain that can make working more difficult. Our range of chairs offer adjustable and built-in lumbar and neck support, which reduce the strain on the lower back, hips and neck while in the seated position. Our innovative lumbar support conforms to the shape of your spine and helps keep you sitting upright throughout the day while adjustable head and neck rests provide a place to lean your head back if needed.


Adjustable Armrests

In addition to maintaining the perfect height while working, it is also important to ensure that your arms and elbows are positioned correctly in relation to the desk you are working on. Adjustable armrests allow you to freely adjust the height of the armrest (as well as the angle) to ensure that your elbows are supported, allowing you to remain closer to the worktable. This is particularly important when writing or using a keyboard to ensure that your arms are supported while typing.


Tilt & Lock Mechanism

The ideal office chair is versatile meaning that it can be used for working at a desk as well as at a meeting table. The built-in tilt & locking mechanisms (located under the seat) allow the user to switch from a fixed upright position to tilting and locking the chair in the desired position (up to 4 different positions). This makes it particularly useful to lock the correct position while typing on a keyboard or switching to a rocking/reclining mode during meetings or while reading or taking a phone call.


Breathable Mesh Back & Padded Seats

Another disadvantage of sitting for long periods of time is sweating and feeling warmer in your chair. Breathable mesh backrests and padded seats, however, help combat this by allowing air to pass through the chair keeping you feeling cooler while seated. This prevents unnecessary sweating and chafing and keeps you feeling cooler and refreshed for longer periods of time, especially in environments where the temperature isn’t always maintained.


Swivel Base & Castor Wheels

Being mobile in the office helps increase efficiency and gives workers the flexibility to multitask around the workspace. Swivel bases allow chairs to spin 360 degrees with minimal effort, allowing users to reposition themselves at their desk or to converse face-to-face with other employees. Castor wheels provide smooth movement in and around the office, allowing chairs to be moved to different areas without the need for them to be carried.


Why do Ergonomics Matter at the Office?


Working for long hours in the wrong position can lead to discomfort as well as long-term health risks. An office chair with proper ergonomics helps reduce chronic back, hip and leg strain and even reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome by keeping the elbows aligned with the desk height. The right height and quality of padding also play a vital role in stimulating healthy blood circulation, which can become effected after sitting for long hours. The right office chair can help prevent the development of such health issues, helping to boost productivity while reducing healthcare-related expenses and sick-days at the office. They can also help to reduce stresses associated with poor posture, keeping employees refreshed, comfortable and motivated throughout the day.


How Does the Quality of Ergonomic Chairs Make a Difference?


There are many office chairs available in the market but only the highest-quality ones will deliver proper ergonomics along with long-term durability. Interwood’s range of office chairs are built using the highest-quality materials and are designed and tested in line with the highest standards. This ensures that they resist wear and tear and continue performing at their best even after regular long-term use at the office. A selection of our chairs are also BIFMA Certified, ensuring safe and regular usage for over 8 hours a day. Interwood also offers after sales support, ensuring that your office chairs are looked after even well after purchase.


Does Interwood Offer Variety in Ergonomic Office Chairs?


When it comes to office chairs, one size or style doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a wide range of office chair designs to suit your style and space. We offer a range of executive, manager and visitor chairs, depending on how and where you intend to use them in your office. Our chairs also come in a variety of designs with options such as high and medium back, chrome and nylon bases, and a variety of colors to match your office or home study environment. No matter what type of chair you are looking for, you can guarantee finding the right one for your space at Interwood.


If you are setting up a new office or renovating an existing one, rest assured that Interwood office chairs are the perfect solution. From a range of contemporary ergonomic features, to variety of designs, styles, colors and more, our office chairs offer everything you need to boost productivity around the office. Our chairs also offer unmatched value in terms of long-lasting quality and reliability along with the benefit of after sales support for additional peace of mind.



Visit your nearest Interwood showroom to experience our range of office chairs or shop on and have them delivered to any major city throughout Pakistan! Whether it’s for yourself or your employees, always ensure that you get the best for your office with Interwood’s office seating solutions – your greatest support around the office!

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