RTA Shelf

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About this item:  

  • Sleek flatpack design for easy assembly.
  • Compact walnut MFC shelves for a modern look.
  • White MFC gloss back rail adds a touch of elegance.
  • Versatile usage in living rooms, bedrooms, or studies.
  • Humanized design ensures effortless assembly and use.


  • Size: 16 W | 6.6 D | 20 H (Inches)
  • Material: MFC
  • Finish: Walnut and White Gloss
  • Assembly: Required

Product Description:    

Bring your walls to life with our decorative and functional RTA shelf. The three-tier compact shelves is an attractive way to decorate walls while adding a little extra surface space for decorations, books, plants and more. The set of shelves comes in a flatpack box and is easy to assemble and install. Each shelf is made with walnut MFC and a white MFC gloss black rail that blends in seamlessly with any décor making it a versatile option for offices, study rooms, bedrooms, corridors and more.

Installation Instructions:

Required Tools:

  • Power Drill
  • Pencil
  • Leveler

Provided Materials:

  • 3 shelves
  • Back panel
  • Nut bolts
  • Bolt key

Shelf Assembly:

  1. Unpack and organize. Carefully remove all components from the box and lay them out on a flat surface, which will include: 3 shelves, a back panel, nut bolts, and a bolt key.
  2. Join shelves to the back panel. Align the pre-drilled holes on the sides of each shelf with the corresponding holes on the back panel.
  3. Secure with nut bolts. Insert a nut bolt through each aligned hole. Secure by tightening with the bolt key. Tighten till firm but do not overtighten.

Wall Mounting:

  1. Choose your location. Find a suitable place to mount your shelf on the wall.
  2. Mark for drilling. Place the assembled shelf against the wall in your desired location. Use a leveler to ensure the shelves are straight, then use a pencil to mark the hole positions from the back panel directly onto the wall.
  3. Drill holes. Carefully drill holes at the marked locations, using a drill bit suitable for your wall type and the included nut bolts.
  4. Mount the shelf. Align the back panel's holes with the holes you just drilled. Insert the nut bolts and secure them tightly using the bolt key.


Actual colors may vary from image.    

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