Opera Kitchen Design (Walnut & Antique)

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The quiet Antique White makes the perfect backdrop for the warm lustre of the meticulously crafted Walnut fronts. Classically- inspired, bespoke details make Opera the perfect design for a grand statement. Architectural elements; hand crafted veneer fronts framed by lofty columns, a detailed cornice and skirting make this a perfect composition for a luxurious setting. The gilded motives on the off set shelves continue to epitomize the Classic Italian kitchen design.

Complete the composition with a quality benchtop adding to the warmth of the space making everyday cooking full of fun.

Cabinets: 2400mm cabinet height increases the storage space of not just the larder units but also the wall cabinets. Bottle racks are tucked away in the columns making access easy and handy. A combination of lit glass cabinets various larder units allows a flexible composition with a distinct taste customized to fit your kitchen space.

Drawers: Each drawer is tailored to organize your cooking essentials with ease. The cutlery drawer comes with a cutlery tray to perfectly fit your cooking essentials while the bigger pull out drawers keep your pots and pans sorted. Add an internal pull out drawer to further demarcate the storage interior of your cabinet.

Lights: Illuminate not just to add to the ambience but also for maximum utility of work surfaces, cabinet interiors and even drawers.

The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Functionality

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