Nostalgia Wall Clock

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Bring a timeless and nature-inspired look into any space with our striking Nostalgia wall clock. Featuring a lush natural scenery clock face contrasted with gold powder-coated number studs and sleek black hands, this clock adds unique elegance to any space. Its fusion of dark goldenrod, Castleton and hunter green shades enhance its botanical look while adding a touch of vintage appeal. Beyond its stunning appearance, this clock ensures high accuracy while its ultra-quiet quartz mechanism maintains a peaceful environment, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, libraries, offices and more.



  • Size: 15 W | 15 H (Inches)
  • Clock Type: Wall Clock
  • Material Type: Metal Sheet with UV Printing
  • Embellishment: Gold Studs 
  • Finish: Powder-Coated
  • Battery Type: 1PC 1.5AA battery


Key Features:

  • Digital Printed Base: vintage scenic clock face made with a blend of dark goldenrod, Castleton, and hunter green shades, exudes nostalgic charm.
  • UV-Printed Metal Sheet: made with UV printing on a metal sheet, this clock showcases intricate details and vibrant colors that don't fade.
  • Striking Design: elegant gold powder-coated number studs and sleek black hands enhance the clock’s overall design.
  • Quiet & Accurate: ensures high accuracy while its ultra-quiet quartz mechanism maintains a peaceful environment.  
  • Highly-Durable: high-quality materials and mechanisms ensure durability for years to come.


Note: Colors shown may vary from the actual product.

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