Fort Door Design

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About this item:

  • Victorian-style vertical grain design enhances the natural charm of the wood, while the grooved design gives a charming appearance, making it perfect for any interior or exterior.
  • Choose from single, double acting, sliding, or folding options for tailored space solutions.
  • Elegant finishes in white, walnut, natural, weathered grey, and teak provide versatile aesthetic choices.
  • Robust construction with wood options like ash, beech, and mahogany, solid and tubular core, and resilient jamb assembly for lasting durability.
  • Opt for a glazed door for additional customization.
  • Trackless design ensures a hazard-free, clear floor opening.
  • Fully customize the size to meet your specific needs and preferences.


  • Size: Customizable as per client’s requirements
  • Material: Wood (Ash, Beech, & Mahogany)
  • Finish: White, Walnut, Natural, Weathered Grey & Teak
  • Application: Indoor and Outdoor

Product Description:

Create an imposing and traditional look to any space with our Fort door. Designed to infuse classic elegance through its Victorian style, Fort door features vertical natural wood grain with detailed grooves that instantly uplifts any area with its charming allure. Available in a range of attractive finishes (white, walnut, natural, weathered grey & teak) and beautifully crafted from wood (available in ash, beech, and mahogany), Fort allows you to easily mix and match any finish and material type that best suits your aesthetics. Robust construction from solid and tubular core with resilient jamb assembly and solid wood edging all around the door offers lasting durability for years to come. Multiple configurations of sliding, single, double acting or glazed allows you to choose any configuration as per your needs and preferences, making it perfect choice for all interiors and exteriors.


  • Interior doors should not be regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions such as direct sunlight, intense heat, freezing temperatures, rainfall, excessive humidity etc. When purchasing doors, always specify whether the requirement is for indoor or outdoor. We offer a separate range of exterior and main doors that are specially treated to resist harsh environmental factors.
  • Actual colors may vary from image.

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