Ellot Kitchen Design

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Redefine your culinary experience with our elegant Ellot kitchen. Designed to deliver the ultimate cooking experience, Ellot relies on the warmth and elegance of real laminates to offer a variety of wood grain patterns and shades perfect for creating a cozy, inviting kitchen space that feels like home. Exuding a minimal and modern look, Ellot can be customized in a variety of finishes of your choice. The sleek worktop exudes grace and durability along with the option to customize with versatile Marble, Dekton or Corian for your ideal work surface. The sleek handle-less tall cabinet fronts and multiple storage drawers conceal ample storage for cutlery, crockery, accessories and more. Illuminate these countertops, cabinets and drawers with concealed lighting for extra aesthetics and functionality.


  • Size: As per customer’s requirement
  • Front Construction: Wood grain, matt, glossy & textured laminates with sleek handle less concealed profiles  
  • Front Laminate Options: White, Cappadocia, Canyon Jura Pine, Natural Veneer, Tobacco Valley Oak, Teak, Kerala Concrete, Borodino Ash, Noce Prenne, Walnut Tex, Brushed Oak & Charcoal Grey.          
  • Worktop Material Options: Marble/Dekton/Corian
  • Plinth: Aluminum Finish
  • Tall Cabinet Fronts: Sleek Handle-Less Profiles
  • Lights: Can be installed under base cabinet, open units, inside drawers and above wall cabinet.    

Note: Jude & Ellot kitchen share same front laminates options but differ in concealed horizontal gola & boxed gola profiles respectively.

Key Features:  

  • Fully Customizable: designed to fit any area perfectly, our Ellot kitchen can be fully customized to your space and style with your choice of layout, worktop materials, colors, finishes, appliances, accessories and more.  
  • Smart Storage Solutions: featuring multiple storage drawers in wall and base cabinets to fulfil all your unique storage needs while organizing cooking essentials, cutlery trays, pans, pots, etc. for a clutter-free environment.              
  • Elegant Finishes: choose from a diverse range of elegant finishes including white, Cappadocia, Charcoal Grey, Canyon Jura Pine, and more, allowing you to personalize your kitchen's look as per your personal style and interior.         
  • Sleek Handle-Less Profiles: tall cabinet fronts feature a handle-less design for a seamless and modern appearance.                                                        
  • Sturdy Worktop: sophisticated worktops not only provides a striking and sturdy surface for your culinary activities but also offers you the freedom to choose from Marble, Dekton, and Corian worktops as per your unique needs.           
  • Customizable Lighting: personalize the ambiance with lighting options that can be installed under base cabinets, within open units, inside drawers, and above wall cabinets to maximize the utility of workspaces.         
  • Balanced Color Palette: the kitchen's color palette strikes a harmonious balance between warm and neutral tones, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.
  • Sturdy Construction: crafted with high-quality laminated materials and raised atop an aluminum-finished plinth, the Ellot kitchen ensures long-lasting durability without compromising on style.                                          


Note: Colors shown may vary from the actual product.

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