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Buy the Best Wall Clock Designs in Pakistan
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Buy the Best Wall Clock Designs in Pakistan

Keeping track of the time can be a chore. That is why wall clocks are a practical addition to any interior, helping create an attractive focal point on plain and dull walls. A smartly placed wall clock is the simplest way to break the monotony of a wall, making it ideal for studies, bedrooms, lounges, and more. The perfect wall clock should allow you to tell the time quickly (even from a distance) while adding harmony to your space.

Interwood offers the widest variety of stylish, high-quality wall clocks in Pakistan. Our wall clocks range in various designs, sizes, shapes, finishes, and colors. They are the easiest way to uplift any space, ensuring your interiors remain stylish and always on time!


Adorn your Wall with the 5 Best Wall Clocks in Pakistan

Interwood helps you keep track of time accurately and improves the beauty of your overall space. We offer a wide range of wall clock designs in varied shapes and finishes so you can choose the one that adds to your interior's aesthetics and overall ambiance. 

Here is a selection of some of our most popular wall clocks! 


Nordic Wall Clock:

Add a chic modern look to any wall of your space with this elegant Scandinavian wall clock. This stylish clock, with its glassy surface and sleek form in a lovely contrast of black and gold, adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the decor of any room. Its round shape, eclectic analog, black hands, and rich aesthetic appeal add to its sleek appearance. The embossed numerals make it simple to read even from a distance, making it the ideal accent piece for any bedroom, living room, corridor, foyer, workspace, and more. Switch the dull wall of your interior with this aesthetically pleasing and clean design of the Nordic Wall clock and add an instant upgrade. 

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Marie Wall Clock:

It's time to hit your wall with the industrial infusion of Marie's wall clock. This clock provides your room with a factory-inspired aesthetic with a steampunk vibe. It features a round silhouette, bold roman numerals surrounded by minimal digits outside, and industrial non-moving vintage gears in the middle. Marie is a masterpiece that livens up any wall with its startling beauty. Marie is embellished with sleek gold hands and finished in matt black powder coat. It is the ideal choice for any living space because of its silent sweeping feature and quartz running mechanism, ensuring accurate time while exuding modern elegance into any interior décor. 

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Noir Wall Clock:

The striking beauty of the Noir wall clock will add a touch of style to your space with its chic modern appeal. The sleek gold hands with the raised bars denoting the hours give an exquisite look, while the abstract art in the background with charming hues brings luxurious charm. Its solid iron frame with MDF backing in grey powder coat assures luxury and exquisiteness that melds with any decor, making it the ideal accent piece for any living room, bedroom, corridor, den, library, or office, among other spaces. 

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Milano Wall Clock:

The elegant Milano wall clock will add style to any interior design with its unique and modern charm. This bold and exquisite piece adds a contemporary vibe with elegance and practicality to any room. Featuring a marble-textured black background with 3D number finishing marking hours in sleek white finish, bring a vintage-inspired modern accent into any living space. Iron-framed design with MDF backing offers durability. The vibrant white hour hands give it a chic modern look that will grab glances without missing style. 

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Column Wall Clock:

If you want to add some luxurious charm to any dull wall of your space, this is the one for you. The gorgeous design of the column wall clock will add contemporary flair to your living room. With its glossy reflective surface in a dynamic combination of gold and black, this eye-catching clock produces a sleek design that blends in well with the décor of any room. It is chic, contemporary, and elegant. The iron frame and MDF base are exquisitely constructed from long-lasting materials to ensure longevity. The sleek gold hands with no minute or hour marks add a stylish touch to your living room, a pretty accent to your kitchen wall, or a striking focal point to any office area.

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Choosing the Best Wall Clock for your Space

When choosing a wall clock design for your space, try to keep the following points in mind. 


Choosing the Right Quality & Material:

Clocks have moving parts that can eventually be impacted by heat and moisture. Hence, please select the most appropriate clock for the area you are placing it. For example, in the kitchen, it would be ideal for placing clocks made of metal and glass so that they are easier to clean. Similarly, suppose you are setting a clock in an area with a lot of moisture, for example, in a bathroom or patio. In that case, you should select a clock with glass encasing to protect the hands and internal moving parts.


Consider the Clock Size: 

A wall clock is an excellent way to decorate a wall; however, its size is vital to the overall look. Larger clocks, for example, create a more significant impression and are better for as a stylish stand-alone statement piece. On the other hand, smaller clocks are more subtle and act more as an accent to a space. The size of the clock also makes it easier to read the time from a distance, so try to ensure it is large enough to be read easily.


Choose the Appropriate Location:

Hanging a clock at the appropriate height ensures that it is within the eye line and that the time is easily readable at all times. 


Consider the Theme of the Room:

A clock itself is a decoration piece with its design and style. Hence, select a clock that complements your interior theme without clashing. Remember the clock's shape, design, and color scheme before placing it on any wall.


Liven up Your Space with Interwood's Diverse Range of Wall Clocks

Every space can benefit from a wall clock, no matter whether it is a home or an office. It's the best way to keep track of time while keeping your hands and counter space free. Since wall clock designs also add to the aesthetics of your interior, it's always essential to keep your interior design in mind before choosing one. Since clocks should also last a long time, it's important to choose the best quality for longevity. 

Finding the correct clock for your space can be a challenge. But luckily, Interwood makes the process easier by offering a wide variety of wall clocks under one roof. From classic to contemporary, modern to rustic, and even Scandinavian styles, our range of designs makes it easy to find the one that best suits your space while adding an element of style, luxury, and charm.


Buy the Best Wall Clocks Online in Pakistan at the Most Affordable Rates

Because wall clocks are available in multiple designs, shapes, materials, and finishes, wall clock price in Pakistan varies. Be sure to select the one that best suits your budget while being durable and suiting your space and style.

Interwood is your one-stop shop for stylish wall clocks at the most affordable rates. Visit to browse our assortment of wall clocks and more. Please make your purchase and deliver it to any major city throughout Pakistan without hassles. Furthermore, visit your nearest showroom to check our assortment in person and experience our range. 

For any questions, feel free to call 021-111-203-203; our sales experts will gladly guide you.

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